sidit success story

Lake Country Food Bank Society, Lake Country, BC $25,000 Grant 2015

From Grant Recipient:

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. I would like to paint a picture of the footprint of what has happened with your generous grant of $25,000 towards refrigeration for our new food bank in Lake Country. The map shows the Helping Through Sharing network communities that are now receiving perishables from the Lake Country Food Bank. These food banks have been willing to adapt their distribution pattern to accept our perishables and now distribute to their clients weekly rather than once a month. The Lake Country Food Bank has grown from helping 500 clients a month in our community to 5,000 people every month throughout these communities.

In 2015 we accepted 5,000 pounds of fresh perishables, 2016, 20,000 pounds and 2017, 43,000 pounds. This year we have tipped the scales by accepting a staggering 125,000 pounds of perishable foods! Lake Country Food Bank has shared 47,000 pounds of fresh perishables and 79,600 pounds of non-perishables to food banks in the Helping Through Sharing network this year alone.

Last year we co-purchased with Cherryville a 3 ton refrigerated truck using grant funds from the Central Okanagan Community Foundation, Community Foundation North and Food Banks BC. This year we purchased a second refrigerated 1-ton truck with funds from Food Banks BC. We completed the lower level of our food bank and have partnered in a food recovery program with Winfield Save-On Foods.

Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust showed belief in this project and funded the Lake Country Food Assistance Society before any success was shown by us. We are so very grateful for your support and funding. If we had not received the initial grant funds from SIDIT this expansion to perishable food aid would not have been possible. Thank You.

Warmest Regards,

Joy Haxton

Lake Country Food Bank Manager

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