SIDIT Success Story:

Lower Columbia Initiatives Corporation: Metal Tech Alley - Innovation in Metals and Technology $50,000 Grant

From Grant Recipient: "The success of metaltechalley could not have been realized without the partnership of SIDIT. With their generous funding, we promoted our region to investors using a unique strategy that highlights both the industrial capacity and the incredible outdoor lifestyle our area offers. Thanks to SIDIT’s support we have been able not only attract investors, but also contribute to the education and development of our local workforce. Through metaltechalley the Lower Columbia is on the cutting edge of integrating the Internet of Things, Big Data, and industrial recycling technology with our highly developed material sciences industry. Because SIDIT recognized the potential of metaltechalley, we can take our initial successes to the next level as metaltechalley continues to stimulate the local economy and attract global attention."

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